DIANA is the first AI song contest with an associated songwriting camp and its own award ceremony. After the sensational DIANA premiere at c/o pop 2020, selected musicians came together for the second time to create songs with artificial intelligence and to realize them on film within one day. During the DIANA Award Ceremony at this year's Cologne Music Week, the song contest winners were chosen and were awarded the coveted DIANA trophy.


The DIANA Songwriting Camp kicked off the Song Contest on the 22nd of October 2021: The eleven musicians, lyricists, and producers were selected in advance by a jury. The criteria were the quality and uniqueness of the applications. No previous knowledge of AI and AI software was required. Over the course of a day, the four teams wrote songs using various AI tools. Subsequently, a music video was generated for every song using AI video software.


The DIANA Ceremony took place on the 23rd of October 2021: After meeting and working in the Songwriting Camp one day prior, the four competing teams presented their songs in the beautiful St. Michael church in Cologne. The show was completed by a brilliant live performance by the artist VALENTIN and the exciting voting process to identify this year's winning team as well as its ceremonial awarding with the DIANA trophy and other prizes! Congratulations to team #2 for taking home the DIANA trophy 2021!


Congratulations to this year's winning team Sulfation, INGREYN VALLS and Katirha and their song "caleidosc/op"!

"Our Team from Sulfation itself has been shaped around team work with a goal to incorporate two main elements: Pairing the perfect and accurate power of AI with the imperfect and yet, idiosyncratic work of the artist (human) - or, in other words, like our motto: "Humanizing the AI world." D I A N A contest has been an unique and wonderful experience in many aspects but in particular, it provided us with the chance to execute the goal of balancing the work of AI and the artist so quickly and effectively. From song writing to the visual output, the process was very efficient and customizable in many senses. I enjoyed every moment & feel very honored to be there, among the warm welcoming & great prepared team of organizers & Jovanka." - Sulfation

"D I A N A has thrown me out of my comfort zone and into an adventure. Fortunately, with my great team, it harmonized from the beginning and left only room for novelty, experimentation and fun. Just as intuitive as I usually like to work, working with the AI tools also works and I'm grateful for this new experience and all the great musicians I had the chance to meet!" - INGREYN VALLS

"Using AI for music production has changed my perspective on composing. With the tools we were introduced to at D I A N A, I was able to focus much more on choosing the different sounds and structure of the song rather than trying to figure out how to create the parts myself. I will be able to take a lot away for my future projects and I am happy to have met all the wonderful musicians on this special weekend - especially my team members of course! Working with Marie and Farshad was inspiring and I thank them as well as Jovanka and the team behind D I A N A" - Katirha

DIANA is sponsored by: Stadt Köln and Köln Business, supported by Boomy, LANDR, LyricStudio, Ableton, Loudly, Splash Pro, Rotor Videos and presented by c/o pop Convention, Sonar and Ki NRW